What is SSR?

SSR stands for Stop Street Racing.

We are a professional organization designed to bring awareness to this very deadly street scene. We also take a stand against drinking & driving, all forms of illegal street activities, and distractions while driving that take place all around the world.

There are decisions we have to make in life at all corners, and while it may seem cool to street race, it is one of the worst decisions you can make for yourself. Not only could you end up dead or severely crippled, you could end the life of an innocent traveler or the person you are racing.

If any of the above does happen it will lead to lawsuits and a long, life-altering journey that will affect you for the rest of your life. It will alter your family's life as well, and could prevent you from being employed in many fields.

Laws are being toughened to bring severe penalties to the drivers. Already, your insurance policy will not cover damages incurred while street racing and after a street racing conviction you may not be able to get coverage at all.

Why not just take it to the track? That is where the real fun is and that is where the real competition is, too!

Are we speed haters? NO WAY! Do we love to drive fast? ABSOLUTELY! We just believe in doing keeping the risk to the participants and having fun without risking soo much!


Various Forms of Illegal Street Activities:

Spontaneous Racing - The race is not planned in any way and often times the drivers do not know each other. Basically, a driver pulls up beside someone at traffic light and one of the drivers revs his motor or gives a hand signal to race. It may simply involve a fast launch or a race to the next light. There is no rhyme or reason as to who or what is raced.

Pre-Staged Racing - The drivers meet up beforehand (perhaps online or in a parking lot) and discuss who will run each other; then they take it to a public street and race. They may launch from a complete stop or do a "rolling start" from 30-40 mph whereby a driver honks three times to signal the beginning of the race. The race ends at the next traffic light or some other landmark and the drivers reach extremely high speeds.

Closed Racing - This type of racing is done in industrial parks, the woods or some other "lesser used" road, usually at night or during the wee hours of the morning. The road is closed off for the race with several spectators and a few "watchers" keeping an eye out for law enforcement. Drivers often think they are safer by doing this but many crashes happen and usually the wrecked vehicle/driver is left behind to fend for themselves.

All-Out Racing - Several racers compete for large sums of money or pink slips (vehicle titles). They may race across town or for a few miles. To lose at all is to lose big and the high stakes amp things up greatly. It's no holds barred racing and is extremely dangerous for any driver or person who happens to be walking or biking in the area.

Road Rage - This is when drivers fuel each other on by either driving too fast to "one up" each other or going too slow, impeding traffic and provoking anger in other drivers who then attempt dangerous maneuvers to get around the slow car.

Drifting - This very dangerous parking lot activity involves a group of people trying to slide their vehicle around in choreographed maneuvers, often destroying public/private property in the process.

DUI - Driving under the influence (either drugs or alcohol) is an offense committed by many different types of drivers. They usually do not feel they are doing anything wrong and most often think they can "handle" their vehicle even better, which only gets them into trouble faster. It is one of the deadliest forms of illegal street activities in all communities.

Winners don't cheat...or race on the roads, so take it to the track!


street racing kills

Street racing is a deadly game that puts not only you, but also innocent lives, at risk of death or serious injury.

You also risk having your license revoked for 10 or more years, having your vehicle impounded, sold or crushed and losing gainful employment for many years to come.

Most employers are required to run your license for insurance purposes (even if you do not drive a company vehicle) and must refuse to hire you when they become aware of your illegal street racing conviction.